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Xobni: Useful Even When Your Inbox Isn’t Backwards

Xobni is a plug-in, working with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, that adds a number of truly practical functions, and some superfluous functions, too, all located on one convenient, collapsible, expandable panel. Xobni is contact-centric, in that it displays information and…

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Scrible: What Evernote is Evernot

People love Evernote, people, like Jay Fleischman and Erik Mazzone. You probably figure if Erik Mazzone uses Evernote, you should, too. That may be true. But, there’s another option: Scrible.There are two primary areas in which Evernote and Scrible differ—one…

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Audiophile: Loving Smaller Audio Files

Audio files, whether wav, mp3, or otherwise, of any significant length, are inconveniently large. Apparently, audio files can be up to 10MB per minute. That’s huge. Like us, you may have struggled with files that are too large to email,…

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