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Tips For Better Calendaring In Your Law Practice

Tips for Better Calendaring in Your Law Practice

Your calendar is the core of your busy law practice. A more efficient calendaring system leads to a more efficient law practice.

Back at the start of the calendar year, our friends at Attorney at Work sourced expert tips on how lawyers can improve their calendars for a round of Friday 5+ Tech Tips.

Heidi contributed a tip that has helped our own organization’s efficiency substantially:

Coordinating meetings, in my opinion, is one of the greatest wastes of time. Scheduling typically involves multiple emails back and forth until a date and time is agreed on. Inevitably, you will need to reschedule the meeting, and back to the drawing board you go. It’s a pain.

Get ready to make this easier and save yourself a bunch of time.

Use a product such as Calendly to automate your calendar. Calendly provides a unique link to send to invitees who can then view your availability and book a time convenient for them. This tools works by syncing with your Google, Office 365 or iCloud calendar. Once you settle on a date and time, your invitee immediately receives an email confirmation as well as a reminder notification prior to the meeting. You also receive an email notification that a meeting has been booked and Calendly automatically adds the event to your calendar. You don’t have to do a thing! If your invitee needs to cancel, you can use the same link to select another date.

And Heidi’s expert colleagues offered the following tips, which you can get more on in the full post over on Attorney at Work:

  1. Keep your calendar open
  2. Confirm and calendar meetings in Outlook
  3. Customize calendars in Outlook
  4. Go analog on Monday