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Boston Bar Association to Debut New Committee for Entrepreneurial Development; First Program to Focus on iPad Practice

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The fall of summer most often means the beginning of a new fiscal year within legal associations, and with it the heralding of new (and renewed) projects, all established to set specific corners of the legal world aflame with the phoenix spirit of volunteerism–the carroted inducement being the promise of new and useful networking affiliations.

Of course, the LOMAP office is no different; you’ll have seen that we’ve already plugged the first free webinar of what will be our 2011-2012 Marketing Group series.

In addition, of course, to producing and promoting our internal content and events, we’re also intimately involved in working up content and events for other, relevant groups and associations. To that end, I have been working with some folks within the Boston Bar Association to develop a new committee, meant to serve and promote the needs of attorneys who have established new practices, whether as solos, or in smalls firms. The committee will seek to help these attorneys maximize their entrepreneurial skills by providing substantive programming and content respecting important law practice management issues, like: the application of technology within the practice, marketing a law firm and financial management (the last both from a business and personal standpoint). In addition to the resources that will be made available through the committee, there are, of course, those aforementioned networking opportunities, which can be essential to newly-minted solo and small firm lawyers just starting their practices, and potentially facing, as they may, a distinct and noticeable lack (or loss) of colleagues, for sharing ideas with, and for swapping tips around.

The committee, which will be officially known, when it becomes active, as the Entrepreneurial Development Committee, will be a committee of the New Lawyers and Solo & Small Firm Sections of the Boston Bar Association. For those interested, the Committee-in-waiting is accepting new members, and those interested should contact co-chairs Chris Strang (via email at or Alexis Kaplan (via email at, to join, or for more information.

The fetal Entrepreneurial Development Committee’s first program, which is co-sponsored by the New Lawyers and Solo & Small Sections, will focus on mobile practice with an iPad. “The Mobile iPad Office”, featuring program chair Gabriel Cheong, along with Howard Lenow and Tiffany O’Connell Gillis, is FREE, and will take place this Wednesday, September 21 from 12 pm to 1 pm at the Boston Bar Association’s downtown Boston building. For more program information, and/or to RSVP, visit the event page, here.

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