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DimDim is DimDone: Alternatives for WebConferencing in the Aftermath of Salesforce’s Acquisition of DimDim

If you, like me, greeted the news of Saleforce’s purchase of DimDim with a string of expletives, you’re likely looking around for a new webconferencing option. It’s not like DimDim was the greatest product ever (sorry, DimDim, that honor goes…

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The (Second Annual) Posts of Christmas Past: The LOMAP Blog’s Calendar Year in Review (for 2010)

You know how when your favorite shows are just going along, being your favorite shows . . . and then, out of nowhere: a clip show. (The most egregious example being Seinfeld’s finale/clip show endovaganza. What a flaming disaster.) And,…

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Revised Outlook: Credenza Introduces Significant Product Upgrades

Somewhere along the line, I became the unofficial reviewer of the Credenza practice management system. I don’t quite know how this happened; but, it’s true. I mean, I’m even quoted on their homepage: See. (I don’t think I’m the “official”…

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