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Law Practice Management Consultations

Free & Confidential for Lawyers and Law Students in Massachusetts

LOMAP’s law practice management consultations cover any topics you need help with. Popular topics include marketing, technology, business planning, billing, finance, time management, productivity, organization, staffing, growth, retirement, career development, and more. Your consultation can cover a range of topics or focus more extensively on a topic of your choice, entirely dependent on your needs.

Our consultation formats include brief 20-minute phone calls for urgent or single questions and hour-long consultations by phone, video conference, and at our office in downtown Boston.

BBO REFERRALS | If you have been referred to LOMAP for an assessment by the BBO as part of an agreement, email our Senior Law Practice Advisor,

LAW PRACTICE STARTUPS | If you’re just starting a practice, we recommend you attend a Startup Workshop first!