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Guest Post: Review of TrialPad 2.1 for the iPad

A couple months back, I flipped a coin with friend of the LOMAP Blog, Gabriel Cheong, to see which one of us would write a product review of the TrialPad app for iPad. I lost. But, then, I became otherwise engaged. And, Gabriel was kind enough to draft the review himself. (Well, that’s not exactly how it went down; I’m taking some poetic license here, for the sake of the story.) Gabriel, who has appeared as a guest poster here previously, is the principal of Infinity Law Group, the composer of tweets, the producer of InfinityLawTV, the herder of house rabbits and more–generally, a true renaissance man.

You can read Gabriel’s complete review, as it originally appeared on Starting Out Solo’s Blog, here.

(I was going to re-post it in full to this blog; but, Did you see how many screenshots there are in that damn thing?)

–Thanks to Aubrey Swanson, for scoring us a license to TrialPad, which made this review possible.–