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ICYMI: ABA TECHSHOW 2022 Recap Roundup

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Last month, ABA TECHSHOW was back in Chicago with a virtual track — we’re sharing highlights from all the coverage.


ABA TECHSHOW is where lawyers, legal professionals, and technology come together each year — for almost four decades. Over three days, attendees learn about the most useful and practical technologies available. This year’s conference returned to Chicago at the start of March, with tracks covering a range of critical topics, including Core Concepts, Design, Launch, Grow, Sustain, and Transform — along with the Virtually Everything track. Law practice advisors, legal journalists, and others offer key takeaways in the following articles about this year’s conference.


ABA TECHSHOW 2022: Arguably the Best TECHSHOW Yet (Paige Locke, Legal Talk Network) – A great recap episode on conference highlights and listing of more ‘On The Road’ podcast episodes highlighting sessions, speakers, and takeaways on everything from replacing admin work to executing your legal marketing plan, and even what the legal industry can learn from others.


Top Takeaways from the 2022 ABA TECHSHOW (Christopher Shattuck, State Bar of Wisconsin) – Top tips from the conference focused on file organization and security.


ABA TECHSHOW 2022: Thoughts & Takeaways (Jim Calloway and Julie Bay, Law Practice Tips Blog) – A summary of main conference elements, from how automations are making legal work more efficient to how legal tech is working to close the access to justice gap — all from TECHSHOW veteran and practice management expert, Jim Calloway and coauthor Julie Bays.


TECHSHOW ’60 in 60′ Session Features a Variety of Content Creation Tech Tips (Lyle Moran, ABA Journal) – A curated look at the top tech tools discussed in one of TECHSHOW’s most popular sessions for online marketing, video content, video meetings, collaboration, and more.


TurnSignl Wins ABA TECHSHOW 2022’s Startup Alley Competition (Lyle Moran, ABA Journal) – Insight into TurnSignl, the winning app of TECHSHOW’s annual opening night startup competition, which “helps drivers record roadside interactions with law enforcement and immediately access lawyers via videoconferencing.” (Second place went to Dashboard Legal, a practice management and collaboration platform built into a lawyer’s email inbox, and third to Clearbrief, an AI-powered legal writing tool.)


More ABA TECHSHOW Coverage from ABA Journal — A listing of articles summarizing highlights from ABA TECHSHOW, including takeaways on ideas to enhance practices and address challenges, rethinking office space, role paying law firm disasters, and more.


ABA TECHSHOW 2022: A Karmic Bookend to a Long Strange Trip (Bob Ambrogi, LawNext) – A closer look at the connection the conference offers regular attendees in light of its return to Chicago.


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