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Just a Couple of Business Card Sharks . . . : More on Business Card Optimization

This week, Jim Calloway, Director of the Oklahoma Bar Association‘s Management Assistance Program, and I were quoted together in “Business Card Sharks: A Creative Business Card Can Be The Ace Up Your Sleeve“, an entertaining and informative article, written by Michael Rappaport for The Canadian Bar Association‘s PracticeLink.

(How did I get quoted in this article? I don’t know. Jim was probably pulling some strings behind the scenes.)

In addition to the linked article, from north of the border (or, south of the border, if you’re reading this at the North Pole), you may be further edified by my previous blog post on business cards, available here. For even further edification, review Jim’s own robust article on business cards, available at the Oklahoma MAP‘s articles repository. And, for more from Jim, check his consistently excellent (and aptly-named) Law Practice Tips Blog.