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Lawyers for Affordable Justice: What Law Students + Lawyers Need to Know

LAJ offers mentorship and more to its panel attorneys, helping to fill the void of mandated professional training available for lawyers and close gaps in access to justice for the public.

Law students graduate into a lack of structure around training. While it can start in law school, sufficient training to transform from student to practicing lawyer is rarely completed within those same years. Doctors, psychologists, social workers, nurses, teachers, aestheticians, barbers, and still more professions have mandated mechanisms for apprenticeship before practicing independently.

An unguided transition from training to practice can be stressful to anticipate, let alone experience — but guidance is available, if not always easy to find. A few years back, three of Boston’s top law schools worked together to help their students by forming an incubator program that’s now an independent non-profit organization open to alum from any law school.

Lawyers for Affordable Justice offers its panel attorneys a range of benefits beyond mentorship, and is accepting resumes from attorneys interested in joining. Participation requires that (1) you’re licensed to practice law and in good standing in Massachusetts and any other state(s) where providing services, (2) you have proof of liability insurance, and (3) you have proof of an IOLTA account.

Send your resume to with subject line: LAJ PANEL, and find the full benefits listing and answers to FAQ here.

Earning income while working for clients with limited or no ability to pay can seem intimidating even with fee-shifting options available. Working with mentors makes it easier for you to help address the most urgently needed work of closing gaps in access to justice created by the cost of legal services.


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