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How Lawyers Can Take A Break Over The Holidays [Webinar]

How Lawyers Can Take a Break over the Holidays [Webinar]

Find out how to give yourself a break this holiday season in the next edition of our Webinars for Busy Lawyers.

Being a lawyer doesn’t get any easier over the holidays. Your stress level is higher than ever, and your hard work is still underappreciated. Fatigue and burnout plague the profession, especially at this time of year.
So use the holiday season to give yourself a break. If you’re a typical lawyer, you probably have no idea where to start.
And you’ll be able to find techniques and best practices to manage stress, to avoid burnout, and to enjoy much needed work-life balance in a 20-minute webinar presented by Shawn Healy that will be archived to this page very soon.
Shawn is a licensed clinical psychologist with LCL. He frequently runs stress management groups for law firms and training sessions on time and stress management for bar associations, solo attorneys, and law firms. He writes frequently on conflict resolution, anxiety management, resilience, and work-life balance.
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