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Do Lawyers Need Malpractice Insurance In Massachusetts?
legal malpractice insurance

Do Lawyers Need Malpractice Insurance in Massachusetts?

We’re starting off a series on Startup Questions with one of the most common inquiries we hear: legal malpractice insurance requirements for Massachusetts attorneys.

Massachusetts does not require legal malpractice insurance for attorneys. However, it is highly recommended to mitigate the cost of a malpractice insurance claim.
There are a number of places from which attorneys can acquire malpractice insurance. If you have an existing insurance policy, such as home, automobile, or life, you should check with your carrier to determine whether that company also provide professional legal malpractice insurance. Bundling policies can help reduce prices.
Bar associations are good options for malpractice insurance. The Massachusetts Bar Association and Boston Bar Association both offer malpractice coverage through CNA and USI Affinity, respectively.  You can also opt for a broker to search for a competitive rate based on your circumstances. A few brokers include (but are not limited to): Landy InsuranceDuffy Insurance, and BL Insurance Brokerage.
Professional legal malpractice insurance is not required for attorneys who are licensed and practice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. However, it is highly recommended to mitigate the cost of a malpractice insurance claim.
Boston Bar Association through USI Affinity
Massachusetts Bar Association through CNA
Also consider checking with other bar associations.
BROKERS (non-exclusive listing)
BL Insurance Brokerage
Duffy Insurance
Landy Insurance

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