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Legal Productivity: The Blog, Not (Necessarily) The Thing

This late August, Rocket Matter, purveyors of legal productivity software (or, “practice management software”, as we frequently refer to it here), launched a new blog, labeled, aptly (see, I wasn’t kidding): “Legal Productivity”.

The Legal Productivity blog promises much and many good postings relative to law practice management, a subject dear, as you know, to mine own heart. The Legal Productivity blog does not replace Rocket Matter’s company blog, which will continue to feature product-related news and notes, it merely moves the law practice management conversation to another webspot. Rocket Matter’s Larry Port explains, in the transitional post at Rocket Matter’s original blog.

Being the selfish beesting that I am, there’s obviously no way that I would ever promote the new Rocket Matter blog unless they did something for me first, right? (Aye, ‘tis true.) So, yes, I was granted what is the obvious honor of making the very first post at the new Legal Productivity blog, which post you can read here. (And, aside from the over-long picture of my massive cranium, I’d say it’s a well-rendered piece. (Yes, that’s me patting myself on the back.))

As Larry pointed out, this first posting makes me a little like The Buggles, with less crazy sunglasses, of the Legal Productivity blog. So, check out my post, if you have a moment, and then stayed tuned to the Legal Productivity blog, for forthcoming, more useful information on law practice management-related topics.