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Market by Watching for Client Service Opportunities

While I often advise attorneys on time management issues including issues such as controlling the time spent on the internet, social networking, etc., the wide world of the internet is also a valuable source of information that you can use as a marketing tool. For example, I followed Robert Ambrogi’s tweet ( about a wonderful opportunity for Boston based non-profits to his web-site. There I found an extensive discussion that each of you can use as a client marketing opporutnity. Specifically, if you have a non-profit client you should notify them of this a wonderful opportunity to have their web-site subject to a free “Extreme Markover” by experts in web-based marketing. For details see Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites: Free Web Makeover for Boston-area Nonprofit. Thanks to Robert Ambrogi for bringing this opportunity to my attention.

The big picture here is providing added value to your clients and how you leverage information to create opportunities to be a relevant, valuable asset for clients and potential clients. This marketing opportunities requires you to be watchful for client service opportunities and to have a communication system established so you can be the first to advise them.

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