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May Day: LOMAP Offers Free ‘Super’ Marketing Conference

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Tired of marketing conferences that cost money and aren’t super? Super lame, I know.

We hear you now, though. That’s why LOMAP, in partnership with the Massachusetts Bar Association, is holding its own free Super Marketing Conference, on May 26. The Conference will feature a ½ day of CLE programming and following networking reception. Did I mention that the programming was free? Okay. Did I mention that the reception was also free? I did not, not explicitly. Well, it is. Everything is free. This is how we roll, along with General John Stark.

The CLE programming will cover a diverse range of legal marketing subjects, from online reputation management, to referral marketing, to market research, to social media marketing, to advertising ethics, to managing media relationships, to something called “the engine of you”, which is probably a little like the little engine that could . . . market a law practice. Featured national speakers Allison Shields and Erik Mazzone, respectively, will kick-off and wind-up the programming. Featured vendor presenters Conrad Saam of Avvo and Keith Schneider of NetDocuments will appear back-to-back in the middle of the conference, and will be sandwiched by TED-style talks from popular local presenters Bob Ambrogi, Alan Klevan, Gabriel Cheong, Katherine Kenney, Dorie Clark and Tomeeka Farrington.

That’s one hell of a lineup, right? The 1927 Yankees of legal marketing, as it were. (Actually, scratch that: I hate the Yankees. Let’s call it the 1946 Red Sox of legal marketing. That’s better. I was feeling rather unclean before.) Want to see what they’re going to be covering? Check out the program agenda, here.

RSVP for the conference here.

In addition to the CLE programming, you’ll also be getting that free networking reception, to boot, which’ll provide a unique opportunity for you to engage presenters, attendees and colleagues all interested in discovering new and effective ways to market law firms.

A special thank you is due to the program sponsors who have made this conference possible: Avvo, NetDocuments, Clio, Concord Law School and the Massachusetts Bar Association.

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