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Privacy Blind: Opting Out of Social Ads

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be used in place of professional or legal advice in any way. Lawyers, law students, judges, and other legal professionals in Massachusetts can find more on scheduling a Free & Confidential consultation with a law practice advisor here.

One of my last times out, I wrote about how I had decided to make a concerted effort to contribute to other blogs, since I’d like someone to force word counts upon my person, and given that my time is precious and all (but it is). As I then noted, I’ve been contributing two law practice management tips per month to the Massachusetts Bar Association’s eJournal. (What’s that? Oh, yes, like this one.) I’ve also begun making monthly contributions to Clio’s Small Firm Innovation blog laboratory. (Yes, that’s right: this was my first post there.) But, as good things come in threes, it may be no surprise that, as I alluded to last time, I have become a contributor for another website:

I’ll be publishing a monthly feature to Attorney at Work, which promises one good idea every (week)day, and which will certainly deliver . . . especially when I’m writing. (Try to sit back down; don’t get too excited.)

Attorney at Work produces a sizable volume of excellent content across bite-sized pieces/daily dispatches; and, they’ve got a great roster of contributors. You can pick up on their daily dose via their website, through their Twitter feed or Facebook page, or by subscribing to email updates. There are probably more ways; but, remember: My new mantra is ‘word counts’; and, I’m counting down.

My first post with Attorney at Work published on September 7, and covers the subject addressed at this post’s title: ‘What are Social Ads?’ + ‘How to Get Out of Them.’ (Trust me, you’ll want to.) You can read it here . . .

. . . and here. As with my Massachusetts Bar Association and Small Firm Innovation posts, I’ll be publishing my Attorney at Work posts here at the LOMAP Blog, as well. Although we never cross the streams here at LOMAP (Lord knows how dangerous that can be), we do endeavor to use as many parallel streams, for distributing information, as we possibly can. Besides, I wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of my good content, just because you didn’t happen to catch it at another outlet.

With that being said, I’ll reiterate my promise of last time: that we will continue to provide original content here at the LOMAP Blog otherwise, that I will continue to offer musical selections (like this awesome cover of a classic George Harrison tune, from Yo-Yo Ma, and my (one man) dog, James Taylor) and that there will be no new taxes. Thank you.

. . .

I’d like to express my kind appreciation for Merrilyn Astin Tarlton and Joan Feldman, both of Attorney at Work, for reaching out to me to contribute to their site. The partnership has, thus far, worked famously, one submission in. Both of these ladies are wonderful, and you should follow them each on Twitter: Merrilyn and Joan, that is.

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