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Welcome to our space for Rainmakers Incubator Workshop Series Alum!

We’ll continue developing the vital skills we started with our Monthly Meetings and Exercises you can find below. If you haven’t participated in a Free & Confidential Workshop Series yet, find out more and register here!

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Next Monthly Meeting: August 15th

12pm | Typically Each Third Thursday via Zoom — Check your email for call-in and access information!

These Monthly Meetings are exclusively for Alum of our Rainmakers Incubator Workshop Series. To join, you need to participate in an upcoming series first. Reserve a spot hereIf you have any questions about the program or monthly calls, email Susan.


You are encouraged to join these monthly calls regardless of whether you have put into action a few or many techniques from the Rainmakers Incubator Workshop Series, or if you haven’t yet practiced the techniques discussed.

In previous calls, we strayed from the Rainmakers Incubator techniques into the realm of marketing.

Our next call we plan to talk about the problems, questions, and successes from your business development efforts and how to approach networking using the skills of the Rainmakers Incubator program.

For information on how to join the next Rainmakers Incubator Cohort, click here.

For any questions about the Rainmakers Incubator program or monthly follow-up calls, email


Exercise: Social Styles by Email

Noticing communication style isn’t only for face-to-face meetings. You can notice style in emails, too. If you notice the style of the writer, you can choose how to respond in a way that will be received more favorably, even when there is resistance involved!

Imagine that you (and your firm) were asked for proposals to be the new outside counsel for four different organizations. You submitted the proposals several weeks ago and followed up with a voicemail to the decision-maker of each prospective client. In response, you received the following emails For purposes of this exercise, you are Alex. For each email, (1) identify the responder’s style and (2) write out a response.

You can click the images to enlarge them.

Rainmakers incubator corner prospect email examples
Rainmakers incubator corner prospect email examples