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A Scorecard For Small Law Firms [Webinar]

A Scorecard for Small Law Firms [Webinar]

In this edition of Webinars for Busy Lawyers, Sam Glover will help you identify what steps you can take to position your law firm for sustainable growth.

How is your law practice keeping up with the pace of change in the legal industry? The practice of law has changed, is still changing, and will continue to change due to consumer technology adoption, business technology systems, legal industry demographics, consumer demographics, and the underlying global economy (just to name a few reasons).

Some firms have been feeling the effects of these changes for years. Other firms are the same as they ever were, still profitable using traditional, tried-and-true law practice models. Many are just struggling, and aren’t sure why. But over the next 10 years even the most successful traditional law firms will experience disruptive change.

Watch this webinar to get your growth planning started with a better understanding of:

  • The trends shaping the practice of law
  • The elements that go into a law firm that is structured to succeed in the future
  • How the Small Firm Scorecard can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and create a roadmap for improvement

If you haven’t already gotten your score, take 10 minutes to do it before the webinar at (it’s free).

You can download the slides from the presentation here.

About the Expert

Sam Glover is the founder of Lawyerist, a tribe of small-firm lawyers who are building the future of law practice. We support client-centered, future-oriented small firms with information, ideas, and community. Learn more and join your tribe at