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Webinars For Busy Lawyers Setting Boundaries: Teaching Clients How YOU Want To Communicate

Setting Boundaries: Teach Your Clients How YOU Want to Communicate [Webinar]

Get the essentials on improving communication boundaries with clients from Laura O’Bryan, Esq. in this 20-minute installment of Webinars for Busy Lawyers.

Boundaries are blurred more than ever with the conversion to remote work during the pandemic. But the good news is you can take control.

Client portals are an underutilized tool in practice management software. Instead of fielding phone calls, answering voicemails, streams of e-mail chains, etc., setting communication boundaries and expectations of client portal communication upfront and in writing does several things to save you time and trouble:

1.  Communications including sensitive identifying information are more secure.  

2.  Attorney organization improved – client file with all communication in one place.  

3.  Managing client expectations of communications improves attorney well being and decreases wasted hours.




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Laura O'Bryan, Esq bio photo Co-Owner MyVirtual.LawyerLaura O’Bryan is the Co-Owner of MyVirtual.Lawyer, an online law firm model providing flat fee and subscription based limited scope services to self-represented litigants, individuals, and small businesses. After Laura and founder, Brooke Moore, established and grew the MVL brand in Arkansas, they co-founded MVL Licensing, an LLC providing attorneys in other jurisdictions the opportunity to leverage the MVL brand, systems, and processes to implement limited scope, virtual components into their firms. Laura also worked at Thomson Reuters, Westlaw for 12 years and comes to her law practice with vendor perspective and inside legal technology experience.

In addition to MVL, Laura co-founded and serves as Vice-President of QLaw Arkansas, an LGBTQ+ Bar Association. She is currently a volunteer member on the Futures Initiative and Client Development & Marketing committees for the Law Practice Division of the American Bar Association.

In 2019, Laura was named as an American Bar Association Women in Legal Tech honoree. She is also a nationally recognized speaker on topics related to legal technology, limited scope representation, virtual lawyering, alternative fees, vendor negotiation insights and attorney wellness.



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