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Tech-ish Delight: Is This the Year You Hit ABA TECHSHOW?

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It’s a straight-up fact that you should never accept Turkish delight from a stranger offering it for freeHorrible, horrible things are bound to happen.  (I feel like a British person would say ‘horrible’, rather than ‘terrible’.  I’ve been conscripted into watching ‘Downton Abbey’ lately; and, I hate it.  Back home, we called it DonwtoWn Abbey, and the British were unwelcome.)  In fact, it’s one of my mottos that one should ‘Never accept Turkish delight from a stranger offering it for free’.
But, Tech-ish delight is something else entirely.  In fact, if the tech-forward/tech-leaning/tech-curious lawyer’s version of Turkish delight is the ABA TECHSHOW . . . well, then: they’re very different indeed.  For one, TECHSHOW is not free.  For another, it could not properly be described as ‘delicious’.  Thirdly, TECHSHOW is available this April, in Chicago; try finding Turkish delight at a local convenience store.  (While we’re just rapping about C.S. Lewis . . . if you’re looking for a book analogous to the ABA TECHSHOW experience, maybe it’s ‘The Screwtape Letters’.)
Plus, I’ll be at TECHSHOW this year; and, who knows when I’ll be back again.  I’m presenting in back-to-back panels, on ‘Remote Access Best Practices’ (with Tom Rowe, of OTB Consulting) and on ‘Maximizing Your Investment in Social Media’ (with Samantha Meinke, of the State Bar of Michigan).  I’ll be co-hosting a ‘Taste of Techshow’ dinner (with Samantha, on the subject of ‘Getting the Most Out of Marketing on Each Social Network’) at a steak place, if you like steak — and, if you do, you can have mine (I hate steak).  Otherwise, I’ll be walking around eating deep dish pizza, selling my book and pacing the conference floor.  There is no end of opportunities to meet and confer with me.  Our own Rodney Dowell will also be in attendance.
But, there’s more: a lot more.  The TECHSHOW schedule is packed with opportunities to listen to great speakers, and to network with some of the most tech-savvy attorneys in the country.  There’s certainly a good deal to keep track of; fortunately, you can use the ABA TECHSHOW 2013 conference app to plan your progress.
The ABA TECHSHOW is the premier lawyers’ technology conference; and, while it does represent a significant cost of attendance (you’ve got to pay to get out there, and to stay, while you’re missing billing time when you’re out there), the efficiency upgrades you acquire through the knowledge you glean from your attendance are likely to make the price worthwhile — not to mention the ability to grow your professional network of like-minded lawyers.  And, if the price is what’s holding you back, the early bird registration deadline has been extended to March 18, and there remains the opportunity to utilize LOMAP’s event promoter discount code of ‘EP1325’ or to get in on a ‘Super Pass’ to access conference savings.
So, Will I see you at TECHSHOW?  (Don’t worry if it’s your first time: there’s a guide for that, too.)
. . .
Liner Notes
In honor of TECHSHOW, here are some songs that are about/include interesting uses of technology/that I think may have been written/influenced by aliens:
Baba O’Riley’ by The Who
(The process behind the creation of this song is crazy.)
Cars’ by Gary Numan
(That video still scares the hell out of me.)
Slapleather (Live)’ by James Taylor
(My man, JT!  If he’s not shoveling snow, he’s building anachronistic drum machines.)
The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades’ by Timbuk3
(Alright, that was a lot of harmonica.)
She Blinded Me with Science’ by Thomas Dolby
(Oftentimes, I’ll exclaim ‘Science!’ to get people’s attention.)
Show Me the Way’ by Peter Frampton
(Wait, Is that guitar talking?)
Becoming Insane’ by Infected Mushroom
(That’s an appropriate title.  I’d say this band usually sounds like a German dance club being implanted into your skull with a sledgehammer.)
Southern Comfort Zone’ by Brad Paisley
(As one commenter astutely put it: redneck metronome.)
In the Year 2525’ by Zager & Evans
(This was the #1 song in America during Woodstock.)
Tom Sawyer’ by Rush
(Just as Mark Twain had envisioned it.  Though . . . Neil Peart!)
Networking’ by Warren Zevon
(Just hanging out with Hunter S. Thompson and predicting the future.  Zevon’s at it again.)
I Ran (So Far Away)’ by Flock of Seagulls
(I don’t remember much about the 80s.  But, it appears that seagulls sported unusual haricuts in those days.)
Intergalactic’ by the Beastie Boys
(Now, that’s more like it.)

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