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TECHSHOW + Tell: ABA Resurrects Popular Legal Technology Fair Every Spring

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Springtime can only mean one thing. Well, that’s not entirely true. It can (nay, must!) mean more than one thing. For our Christian brothers and sisters, it’s Easter time, depending on when you date your Easter, that is . . . For our Jewish brothers and sisters, it’s Passover time . . . . aaaaand, those are all the religions I know that do stuff in April; hopefully, that is sufficient . . . Now, if you’re a lawyer, and it’s April, you’d be wise to make your pilgrimage to Chicago, for the ABA’s TECHSHOW, taking place from April 11 to 13.

Yeah, I know. If you’re intending to go to TECHSHOW, you’ve probably already registered. So, Why am I writing this post now, a little less than three weeks out from the really big show? (1) Well, I had always intended to write a post about TECHSHOW, but only recently realized it was almost April; and, (2) Not everybody’s you, okay. (Additional Question: Why do I capitalize TECHSHOW like that everytime? Because I think it’s trademarked that way, and I want to dot my i’s and cross my t’s here; Lord knows I’ve got enough potential trademark issues with this blog as it is.) So, if you’re reading this, and have before, or are now considering, attending TECHSHOW, let me SHOW you more of what you can expect to see:

Look at the complete schedule. I mean, take some time, and breathe in the real value. (What’s that? It smells like turpentine? No, just . . . just put the cover back on the turpentine, and take another whiff. Now, that . . . that’s the smell of value.) Now, What do you see? Yes, that’s correct. LOMAP’s very own Rodney Dowell will be speaking, not once, but twice, at TECHSHOW, once on document management systems, and again on open source law firm tools. Don’t you want to support Rodney?

I’ll tell you what: You go out to see Rodney, and I’ll give you a discount to TECHSHOW. Register with Massachusetts LOMAP’s discount code: ‘EP1112’, to get a reduced fare for TECHSHOW. No need to thank us now . . . just find Rodney at TECHSHOW, and offer your firm handshake . . . or a gift card to REI.

Still not convinced? It’s the 25th Anniversary of TECHSHOW.

Still? Listen to Rodney and I pimp TECHSHOW at our various podcasts: I interview 2011 TECHSHOW chair Paul Unger at mine; and, Rodney interviews the Calloway law practice management twins (not actual twins) on his.

No? Aright, the last thing I got is this amusing video. But, then, I suppose that your likelihood of going to TECHSHOW following watching this video will be inversely proportional to whether you think Reid Trautz is actually wearing underwear beneath his bathrobe, or not . . .

. . .

Liner Notes

The one thing that I’ve noticed is that the ABA TECHSOW does not have is a musical guest; if I were ever to be named ABA TECHSHOW chair, I would remedy that right quick. Of course, my chances of ever being named TECHSHOW chair are about the same as a #16 seed beating a #1 seed (not a hashtag) in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. (Yes, my bracket’s shot to hell, as well . . . ‘Ceptin’ Coach K, doin’ his thing.) So, this is merely a pipedream; but, that pipedream would go something like this:

I’d get a reunion of Masassas going. “Manassas: Not Just a Civil War battle, or two.” Manassas was also a killer band that Stephen Stills put together in the early 70’s. It was mostly Stephen Stills and a bunch of tremendous session musicians assembling two seriously underheralded albums during the greatest era in music history. Yeah, that’s all. No big deal.

The thing that gets me is, despite Stephen Stills’ general popularity, and the joined popularity of some of his other bands, no one knows Manassas. (Not that people really know Civil War history anymore, either; but, I digress . . .) The albums are hard to find, too (only the debut album is available on iTunes–for shame, Apple). I only heard of Mansassas because this guy my Dad used to jam with thought they were just about the sickest band ever. He wasn’t far off.

So, my Manassas reunion show would feature, I think, the following setlist:

Band Introductions

(a) Rock & Roll Crazies/(b) Cuban Bluegrass
Isn’t It About Time
Fallen Eagle
Don’t Look At My Shadow

Intermission/Marketing Break (hey, it’s still a legal conference)

Guaguanco De Vero

What To Do
Business On The Street
Jet Set (Sigh)


Johnny’s Garden

I don’t know, maybe the band wouldn’t want to play those songs in order, though . . . Good thing I was prepared to spend the entire TECHSHOW budget in order to make this happen. So, I guess it would really be a TECHSHOW the year I was in charge. It’d just be a Manassas concert, actually. Best . . . TECHSHOW . . . ever. Kick it to ‘em again one more time, Stephen!

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