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Well-Seasoned: In December, Holiday Gift Guides for Lawyers Abound

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The holiday season means, if nothing else, rampant gift giving.

And, which of your colleagues would not wish for this, um, unique wine caddy, to show up under her tree? Could your paralegal turn down this swank t-shirt, if he found it in his stocking? Or, perhaps you subscribe to the Homer Simpson present-buying methodology, and you’d really like a new bowling ball, for yourself . . .

In any event, if you’re looking for gifts for attorneys, you’ve come to the right month. During the holiday season, gift guides for lawyers are prevalent, whether in broadcast or written form.

Some of the best primers around are:

Dan Pinnington and Reid Trautz‘s “Attention, Shoppers: A Lawyer’s Gift Guide” is available from Attorney at Work. And, Reid’s complete annual holiday gift guide for lawyers is accessible via his blog, here.

Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson’s “Digital Edge” podcast features the best “Tech Toys for the Holidays 2011” in a recent episode.

-Heck, I’ve even gotten into the act; well, somewhat: At the latest episode of my podcast, the “Legal Toolkit”, I spoke with Brett Owens, of Chrometa, LLC, about his favorite web apps for the holidays.

-Since a number of lawyers are also technophiles, while not a gift guide for attorneys, David Pogue’s collection of holiday goodies (as presented by Techno Claus) offers some general-use electronic presents sure to please even the Grinch on your list.

-Because everyone loves lists, WeDoWebContent delivers an eclectic roundup of its top five holiday gifts for lawyers.

-For those who specialize in gag gifts during the holidays, the satirical Big Legal Brain blog serves up a list of some of the most outrageous attorneys’ gifts you’ll find.

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